Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 18

Snake River and Teton Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Now I am a sucker for an amazing sunset and this is definitely one for my record books! Hats off to the photographer who captured it (unknown). This shot was taken of the Snake River and Teton Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Hopefully one day I can make the trip across the Atlantic to get my own fantastic pic of a Wyoming sunset!

Where do you think we should go on our next wanderlust travels? Let us know in the comments!


Sunset – Poem by Jessica Millsaps

Every night
The horizon lights up
Swirls of pink and orange
Fading to blue and purpleFew bother to look anymore
At a blessing
That only comes once a dayEach sunset is different
No two exactly alike
Difference flows throughout
While it is the only similarityOver the ocean
Or through the sky scrapers
Out on the prairie
Or in an apartment

You can still see a piece
A piece of something
Something never to return
A sunset

For the colors are shimmering
For a moment they stay
Only to disappear into change
Change just as beautiful as the last

This is why
No matter where you go
One thing remains the same,
A difference in sunsets

In your very own sunset

Jessica Millsaps

I am touching down in Paris right about now and the sun is on its way down the horizon. Can’t wait to explore this gorgeous city!

My Recent Adventures Part 4 – Bristol Museum & M-Shed

Earlier this month one of my younger sisters, Miss G, had her Jazz dance exam down in Bristol, and one of my other sisters, Miss E,  had some uni exams up in Birmingham. My youngest sis, Miss T, went with Mum and G to the dance hall, while my Step-Dad & I got to spend the day with my niece, Miss P.

First stop was the Bristol City Museum on the Triangle at the top of Park Street. Here are some of the pics I took on the way round…

 Egypt 1Egypt 2Egypt 3Egypt 4Egypt 5Egypt 6Egypt 7

Box Plane


Giant Irish Deer 1Giant Irish Dear 2

AmonitesFossilised Leaves 1Fossilised Leaves 2

Alfred the GorillaBaby GiraffeButterfly's 2Butterfly's 1Kakapo 1Kakapo 2

Glass DoughnutSilver

A NYC Apartment

Architectural Model of the Alhambra by Contreras 1Architectural Model of the Alhambra by Contreras 2Architectural Model of the Alhambra by Contreras 3

Fontainebleu - en Foret by Corot 1Fontainebleu - en Foret by Corot 2

Sunset at Sea after a Storm by Danby 1Sunset at Sea after a Storm by Danby 2

Sunset by Seurat 1Sunset by Seurat 2

The Turkeys by Pissarro 1The Turkeys by Pissarro 2The Turkeys by Pissarro 3

Wooden Carving 1Wooden Carving 2Wooden Carving 3

We then stopped for a picnic lunch outside the museum, before heading back in so Miss P could finish looking at one last bit that had her very occupied!

After that we headed out into the wind and walked round to a woodworking shop that my Step-Dad was interested in having a look at. He bought a couple of things in there while Miss P and I sat at the top of Christmas Steps & sheltered from a quick hail shower.

Next we walked on down to the harbourside and along to the M-Shed Museum. I didn’t take many pics this time round, but I have been a couple of times before so have some to share…




Fire Carriage 1Fire Carriage 2

WheelEngine Controls


Wooden Door 1Wooden Door 2Wooden Door 3

Mast 1Mast 2

Metal work



Wallace and Gromit

Miniature Boats

Postbox 1Postbox 2

Bristol 1Bristol 2Bristol 3Bristol 4Bristol 5Bristol 6Bristol 7Bristol 8

All in all it was another great day out. And I think we walked a total of 7 miles (though a lot of that was aimlessly wandering around the museums).

We were certainly shattered on the way home!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the adventures with my family over the holidays. Next up is our trip to Hidcote Gardens and here is a sneak peek…

Pink Flower @ Hidcote

Summer Bucket List

On my Pinterest I have a ‘Bucket List’ board. This is an ultimate list of ALL the things I would love to be able to do at some point in my life! I know there are a quite a lot that I probably won’t get to do but a girl can certainly dream.

So instead of becoming listless, and getting down cus I couldn’t do it all, especially not in one go, I cut some of them down to a more manageable SUMMER BUCKET LIST!

BeachOutdoorsAdventureRandomMore RandomHave you got anything on your bucket list to cross off this summer? Let us know!