Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 16

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

I’m off on holiday to Scotland soon. Not to the Isle of Skye where these ‘Fairy Pools’ are, but Inverness at the other end of Lock Ness. Needed a bit of Scottish landscape this week to keep me going at work before I get there!

Where in Scotland do you particularly love? Let us know in the comments below!


My Recent Adventures Part 2 – Blaise Castle and Sea Mills

Back again with some more pictures from one of my recent adventures, this one was completely solo. I caught the bus up to Blaise Castle Estate and went for a walk in the woods.

It was really nice to get away from the busy city, and just relax a bit, especially when I was down by the water. There is something about the water gently moving downstream that soothes me.

Take a look below at some of the pics I snapped along the way…

Blaise Castle 1Blaise Castle 2Blaise Castle 3Blaise Castle Estate 1Blaise Castle Estate 2Blaise Castle Estate 3Blaise Castle Estate 4

When I got to this waterfall I started to play around with some of the different settings on my camera, mainly the shutter speed…

Waterfall 1Waterfall 2Waterfall 3Waterfall 4Waterfall 5Waterfall 6Waterfall 7

I thought these steps looked quite cool, built into the hillside…

Blaise Castle Estate 5

Blaise Castle Estate 6Blaise Castle Estate 7Blaise Castle Estate 8

I found this little guy on one of the paths I was walking on. He is lucky, I nearly stepped on him…

Blaise Castle Estate 9

I eventually got down to Sea Mills, and messed around with the shutter speeds again at another little waterfall…

Sea Mills 1Sea Mills 2

There were a couple of boats moored up in the mud…

Sea Mills 3Sea Mills 4

And the view up & down the River Avon was really pretty…

Sea Mills 5Sea Mills 6

Sea Mills 7

Finally I took some pictures of the sun reflecting on the water which I found absolutely mesmerizing…

Sea Mills 8Sea Mills 9Sea Mills 10Sea Mills 11

What do you think? Does the sunlight reflecting on the water capture your attention?

I ended the afternoon with a little snack on a bench by the river before going one stop on the Severn Beach Line train back home.

All in all a lovely, calm walk through the woods and along the stream.

Have you been on any good walks lately?

Let us know where in the comments! 🙂